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Hey! I'm Ondřej Bárta,

Copenhagen-based serial creator with engineering management & full stack engineering background

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You can mostly find me at the intersection of technology and design. I profoundly enjoy the act of creating. A large portion of my free time is, therefore, dedicated to learning about and creating things that I find useful, beautiful or both.

CURRENTLYEngineering Manager at Glassnode.Technical consultant in Kilta (former Status Quack)Member of Techsquat
PASTEngineering Manager at Nuri (formerly Bitwala).Responsible for frontend development & responsive print design at Jackova Továrna
- COVID-19 Data Experiment
Daily Tasks
- Opinionated MacOS-first task app
XYZ Icon Set
- Icon set with over 200 icons
Lofi Chill Music Production
React Tree List
TSA Wallpaper For Google Pixel 2XL
Bitcoin Wear OS Watch Face
and many others…