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Privacy Policy Of Your Existence

Most of what's happening on your device is being tracked. Do you know how are you being tracked?

09/18/2021 · Ondřej Bárta

Nuri — formerly Bitwala; How To Clean-Up After A Successful Rebrand

After the project is released and it's out there. A code clean-up is in order.

06/18/2021 · Ondřej Bárta

Keep Creating

As a human being, you were created to explore, create and help others do the same.

06/04/2021 · Ondřej Bárta

Nuri — formerly Bitwala; How To Migrate A Brand

Technical aspects of Bitwala to Nuri migration.

05/28/2021 · Ondřej Bárta

Nuri — formerly Bitwala; How To Manage An Ambitious Rebranding

This is not a marketing article. This is my way of appreciating everyone’s hard work and talking a bit about my experience, and showing the challenges we faced.

05/22/2021 · Ondřej Bárta
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