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Last year, during my reading efforts, it turned into a real challenge. The number was set to 20 books and I just barely squeezed them through. Along with the number, there was another goal. For the consistent reading to help me get through another year of the world in a pandemic. Reading it back, I was almost sure back then that there's going to be another year of this. For more context, read my Reading Challenge 2021

Starting fresh and seeing the number 0 may be daunting, but it's also very freeing. It's up to me which books should I fill my time with. There are no rules, no restrictions other than what I set myself for. It should be a challenge, but with a reachable goal. What I didn't achieve from previous year was to focus on books that I started but haven't finished. There were many visits to the book store and my pile of books grew even larger this year.

There's a lack of fiction books in what I read last year. I would like to get back to those a little more. Use them as a time off and enjoyment, all while living the lives of the characters through the lens of a book.

My goal for this year is, again, not exactly the number of books (although there is a number up top). It's to grow my mind in as many directions as I'm able to.

Finished books:

Everybody Lies

Rich Dad Poor Dad

How To Win Friends And Influence People


Letters To Milena

Atomic Habits

Tribe of Mentors

Reading list:


Man And His Symbols

Norwegian Wood

Why We Sleep

A Short History of Nearly Everything