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After I clearly saw my limits last year. Whether based on the amount of available time or my lacking motivation. I didn't want to sacrifice the quality or the depth of the books I was reading. So even though I didn't reach my goal, I'm positive. Read the whole article about my journey on Reading Challenge 2019.

Now that last year is out of the way, it's time to start again. But now that the limits for the last year are set in stone, the idea for this year is actually not to increase the amount of books I read but the quality.

The way to go about that is not all that simple and sometimes I might pick up some easy read. After reading some information dense book it'd be unwise to jump right on another difficult book without letting the last one sink in.

So the goal for this year is last years 28 books. The ones I've already finished are bellow. Feel free to explore them and if you find a new interesting book or you like some of those listed here let me know on twitter (@bartaxyz)!

Finished books:


Mere Christianity

The Culture Map

The Great Divorce


Anecdotes of the Cynics

The Martian Chronicles

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Reasons To Vote For Democrats

Of Mice and Men

The War of Art

On The Shortness Of Life

The World Atlas Of Coffee

Tales From The Loop